Avoid Costly Mistakes When Getting Referrals for Outsourcing Services

Referrals, we used to live and die by them. Nowadays, even if you get a recommendation from someone you know and trust, check them out for yourself.

If someone from your past recommends a service provider or product to you, check them out. You want to see their work. Because we trusted the person the referrals were coming from, we had a tendency to give them a bit more rope than if we didn't know them. After all, they were referred by a trusted source.

People go bad. They can have some issues in their personal life and by the time you get them, their work is shoddy. Vendors have been recommended to us, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.

Time is money. If you find yourself in a situation where you're faced with losing time and money, cut your loses. Forget paying up front for anything. Negotiate paying any money up front. Pay as little as you can up front and see what happens. Set milestones, release the money as a certain amount of the work is done. Always pay by credit card. If the person you've hired doesn't pan out to be as reputable as you hoped, you can always do a charge back.

If you're going to run a serious business long term, outsourcing is definitely going to be a part of your business and trying to find a good referral can sometimes be challenging.

Treat every project as an individual project. Never mind what was done for you 3 months ago, I'll say it again-"People Change".

Not everyone is incompetent or lacks integrity. We've found some great people to outsource work to. Make it very clear upfront what you want done and in what time line you want it done. If the person you've hired begins to miss deadlines, cut the job short, right then.

So when you find yourself faced with needing to outsource work in order to run your business effectively:

• Check the referrals that might be given to you

• Get references and follow up with a phone call.

• Make it clear what job you want done. Set milestones for each job.

• Who says' you have to smile when someone approaches your door, take a no nonsense approach. They're there to do the work not have a cup of tea.

• Set milestones for the work you want done- pay as portions of the job are done.

• Always negotiate the deposit, give as little up front as possible.

We've done other articles on outsourcing and this one won't be the last. As we continue to learn and have experiences we'll share them with you and would welcome you to share your experiences with us.

We have a tendency to feel that we are the only ones going through a certain situation or challenge, this is not true. Your experiences can change someones life and their experiences can change yours.

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