Run A Beauty Business Stress Free

How to Run a Beauty Business stress free? Ok, so if this statement were true I'd bottle it and sell it. With everything comes some stress but we can minimize the level of stress that we take on.

I was talking with a colleague that's an acupuncturist and she was telling my husband and I about the stress levels that entrepreneurs go through. She was explaining the importance of protecting your heart, your spleen and your adrenals.

They control the energy of the body. When the organs are experiencing stress or we are experiencing fear we can bring trauma to our organs causing damage and stress to them thereby draining the energy level in our body.

Well by the time she finished, I was ready to eat dirt and grass. Our children already tell us this is what we eat but I didn't want any added stress to what already exist.

Finding a Way To Relieve Stress While Running Your Beauty Business

She mentioned taking naps during the day. Well my great grandmothers used to take naps during the day and they were born in the 1800's and lived to be 85 and 103 years old. I knew them a long time in my life before they made their transition to the other side. As children we think of naps as being for “Old People” and babies. Well I don't consider myself as 'Old' but I 'll bet a nap or two becomes part of my schedule.

A nap during the day helps to increase your energy and protects your heart. My colleague also mentioned exercising morning and afternoon, not eating after 7:00 P.M. and turning the television off by 9:00 p.m.

Why? Because the television brings in negative energy to the spirit. I'm not trying to get woo woo on you but when's the last time you heard something positive from the evening news?

The bottom line, even though we are entrepreneurs and we run a beauty business from home or outside of our homes, we are in need of finding the simple things in life. Grow your beauty business at a pace that doesn't place unnecessary stress on you. In all of your scheduling and planning, include walking and afternoon naps.

Set a time for doing business, 7:30-3:30, 8-4, 9-5, 10-6 or 10-2 and when your cut off time comes, shut everything down. This allows you to have a life and gives you a fresh mental attitude when you return the next day.

More importantly it lifts the added pressure of draining you of energy that allows you to have a healthier lifestyle. You’ll be able to run your beauty business more efficiently and effectively.

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