Sell Beauty Products - Prepare Your Salon and Spa During Warmer Climates

Is Your Spa Ready To Sell Beauty Products During Warmer Climates?

A client will go to great lengths to get their bodies ready for summer. And ensuring that you’re ready for them as a business owner that has a spa environment, you’ll want to prepare your facility for the onslaught of people who will be coming in for full body waxes, facials, mud wraps and exfoliation treatments for their full body.

Helping Your Clients Get Beach Worthy Body’s in Your Spa

People go to great lengths to prepare their skin for the beach in warmer climates.

You want to take time out to review what you offer in your current menu of services. This is very important when you're in the business to sell beauty products.

In winter you will offer a certain number of services and the same for spring. By the time summer rolls around, the treatments and services will be different.

During the summertime you may offer more body treatments, manicures and pedicures and your pedicures might include a light scrub. You might want to highlight this scrub with all the notions that it might be scented with essential oil, contains jojoba oil, cucumber or coconut. These particular aromas have a tendency to increase happiness and energy.

So you want to make sure you sell this product in retail size so that when your client is on their way out, they can inquire and possibly make a purchase.

When you are setting up your space, especially as a spa, your treatment menu isn’t the only part of the spa that needs special attention.

You want to go through your retail area and that would include the products that you’re selling to your clients once you finish the treatment.

More Than A Skin Care Environment That Sells Beauty Products

Make sure you have items that will assist your clients in what’s known as being beach ready.

Focus on products that have bright colors like sunglasses, swimwear, cover-ups, flip-flops, sunscreens, and lip-glosses. You don’t have to have a lot of these items.

You go the trade shows and get the minimum amount of what you need and if you sell out that will be it. But for the next season you’ll know if it’s worth bringing a particular product back for the current year.

You’ll look at your sales and you’ll see what kind of timeline it took you to sell those products and then you’ll bring them back in next year bumping up the purchase by 5%.

The key is you test and see what sells from season to season and year to year so that you’ll know what to bring in.

Your clientele will look forward to you bringing in interesting pieces. They’ll come to you before they go to another spot to purchase those summer ready products from you.

Changing Your Spa Décor for Each Season To Sell Beauty Products

Even your décor can be changed to match the season. Lighter fabric in the drapery and colors, the retail area can keep your client in the frame of mind of the season.

As long as you’ve got the products they would need to keep their skin enhanced or ready for the beach they’ll be happy.

You could have sunscreens, makeup, lip-gloss, mascara and eye shadows. These are just are a few things you can keep on hand.

Another item you might consider would be to have a travel kit with the products you’ve used on their skin during a treatment.

Finally …

Prepare to sell beauty products for seasonal selling. Test to see what moves and what doesn’t. That will include everything from the product mix that you offer, your skin care products and impulse items such as accessories that are relevant to a given season.

You’ll see how you can enhance and grow your business and you’ll learn what your clients like and be the one that provides it for them

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