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In this article we’re going to talk about a few tips on selling physical products so you can avoid some of the mistakes we’ve made when getting started when selling physical products online. We were fortunate that the physical product we chose to sell did have good demand. But if we had known some of the things we’ll be talking about in this article, the process would’ve been a lot easier.

Like with any other product, whether it be a service or information product, when you choose a physical product to sell online you want to start off doing thorough keyword research along with competitive analysis.

By a physical product, we’re talking about a product that has to be shipped out like an electronic product, cosmetics or clothing. Why are you doing keyword research? Because in the beginning, you want to make sure that there’s a demand online for the product you’re selling. Not all physical products sell well on the Internet. People buy aspirins and cold medicines everyday, but they’ll never go on the Internet looking for those types of physical products. So always make sure there is a demand and the bigger the demand the better.

The next step in selling physical products is competitive analysis. You want to look and see how competitive the market is for that particular product. Some products have a very large market (competition) and it can be very difficult to compete with some of the older companies who’ve been online for 10 years or more. However, you don’t want to let the competition frighten you away from going into a particular niche, but be prepared to do a lot of work and take a little more time to get your website visible in the search result pages.

The best tool to use, in my opinion, is the Google Keyword Tool. It’s a free keyword tool that will show you the amount of competition as well as the demand for certain keywords. It gives you an idea as to how competitive the market is. You can go to Google’s homepage and search Google Keyword Tool to find it with ease. If you decide on a product to sell, you can do a test by putting up a small Google Adwords campaign spending $5-10 a day and see if you can get 100-200 clicks and converting 1-2 people to accept your offer.

A small adwords campaign will give you an indication of whether it’s a viable product to sell. This might be tricky with a physical product if you can’t actually fill the order. Unless you have the product on hand where you’re ready to ship it, that may or may not be a good idea. I would recommend starting out online with an Affiliate Product and test the waters there and also maybe looking into a drop shipping company and they will fill the orders for you.

When you’re choosing a physical product, gift motivated products are great online. Holidays like Mothers Day, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day require gift giving so I would definitely look into that area of physical products to sell online. Also, products that are re-usable like supplements, cosmetics and children’s clothing. Anything that has a continuous re-usable demand.

If you decide to go the route of warehousing your own product, remember that the responsibilities of staying stocked, customer service relations, shipping and packaging the products lies solely on you.

Make sure you don’t over analyze and get stuck with “analysis by paralysis.” Be thorough in your research but make sure you get started. Some people analyze so thoroughly they don’t actually get going.

Of course, when you're selling physical products you want to look for products that have high margins where your profit margin after the cost of goods is as high as it can possibly be. That can be pretty difficult if you’re dealing with drop shipping or affiliate products. But if you were to warehouse your own product, make sure it’s a product with a high profit margin.

Lastly, when you do decide on your product and you have your website built, make sure that you have full control over your pages. This way you can make changes to the pages whenever you want without having to call a webmaster and pay money every time you want to make a change.

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