Shopping Cart Abandonment Can Hurt The Sales Of Your Beauty Products

When selling your beauty products online you want to pay attention to what’s called shopping cart abandonment.

By that, I mean when a visitor to your site puts items into the shopping cart, goes all the way to the point of filling in all of the information for the purchase and abandons the shopping cart without completing the process.

This happens in a tremendous amount of instances. Some companies, who have done studies on shopping cart abandonment, have reported it to be as high as 70%.

The reasons for this can be many

• Sometimes they get to the shopping cart, are about to complete the order and get cold feet.

• Sometimes the reason is shipping costs, or the amount of their total order is higher than what they expected so they don’t complete the purchase. Sometimes retailers online ask for too much information.

• Sometimes the retailer will ask the customer to “register” before they actually make a purchase, which deters customers from completing the process.

Gathering Information For Your Beauty Business

People don’t like to give up too much information before they actually make a purchase. So if you have too many fields asking for a phone number and asking them to register with a username and password before they make a purchase, that can definitely keep people from completing the process on your site.

It also helps to make the process short, not to have too many pages in between the actual product page and them getting to the order page.

The shorter the steps involved the more reduced your shopping cart abandonment will be.

In some instances, the shopper will put more items in the shopping cart than they actually tend to purchase.

I have a certain functionality where they can remove certain products from the shopping cart and continue on to purchase the particular products they desire.

Make sure along the way of the purchase process, that you remind the shopper of what they’re actually getting. A lot of retailers show an image of the actual product on the order page and then have a line or two about the benefits of the product they’re purchasing. Sometimes the shopper is just not ready at that particular time to make the purchase.

They may be at work, on a break, on a mobile phone and they decide to wait until they get home, or talk to a significant other about the purchase.

Some shoppers might get cold feet because of security reasons. You want to make sure you have your safe shopping badges along your site and during the process on different pages.

VeriSign and BBB (Better Business Bureau) are just a few badges that will let them know their information will be safe and secure.

Depending on your product mix, including some sort of customer support like live chat or email where they can talk to someone and ask any questions is also a good idea to have as part of your site.

Sometimes shoppers will abandon the cart because they want to do some comparison-shopping.

They’ll look at the total amount of the purchase and they may decide to look at other websites to see if they can get a better deal and better value.

Shipping costs are a big issue too. A lot of shoppers don’t make the purchase because they feel the shipping cost is too high.

You want to make clear, what your shipping costs are and if you can add free shipping if they purchase a certain amount, by all means make it happen.

Companies to help you with Shopping Cart Abandonment in Your Beauty Business

There are a few companies that can handle shopping cart abandonment. One in particular is Monitus.

Monitus is a company that we’ve used with success. They track shopping cart abandonment and you can actually automate the process to send an email out to the customer who has abandoned the cart, encourage them to move forward with the purchase or find out why they didn’t complete the purchase.

When you initially start out with the design of your site, make sure you address this matter with your website designer. There are so many different reasons why people abandon a cart.

But if you start out with a design and try to make it a seamless process, you can always improve on the experience for the shopper.

Finally …

Shopping cart abandonment is a very important issue for you to pay attention to and for you to try and improve on the amount of people that actually complete that process.

Many online retailers don’t really pay as much attention to this issue as they should. It’s something that you definitely want to give thought to, watch carefully and try to improve on.

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