Social Media Trends for Your Beauty Business

Social media trends for your beauty business are an intricate part of your success. If you own a beauty business, having ways to interact with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, just to name a few, is completely imperative.  Why?    Think about it.  Most people, you included, participate on one of the social media platforms.

It’s how you’re choosing to stay connected.  In a survey done by Constant Contact, social media is inching up the ladder as an effective way to market your beauty business to your customers.

Forty nine percent found social media marketing strategies most effective.  But, you still must have that “Face to Face” interaction so that you and your customer can vibe on a ‘feeling’ type of level.  Websites, email marketing and SEO content were also listed as effective marketing strategies.

Your mobile devices have taken center stage when it comes to marketing your business.  The ability to tap, share, scan and swipe has raised the bar in how well you market your business.  Mobile devices allow you to establish brand credibility with a quickness and clients are able to access your websites at any time.

Social Media-On-The-Go

Your clients will want news from you about the latest skin care product, spa services, fashion trends, and hair styles and what better way to keep them informed than being at their fingertips.  Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest allow you to post pictures and share your wears, services and products with the world.

These platforms create an interactive visual image of your company.  This allows you to speak directly to a segment of the population that might be interested in your beauty business and your products.

In addition to your cell phones, you’ve also got devices like iPads and tablets and your job will be to figure out how to incorporate all of these platforms with your traditional marketing strategies for your beauty business.

Managing your Beauty Business and Social Media

Management systems such as HootSuite and Sprout Social are two popular sites that help you as a marketer understand your customers from an analytical standpoint.

As the marketer for your beauty business you can schedule information to be disbursed at certain times during the day, week or month but your customers will have full control of when and how they receive it.

Let’s not get it twisted, your clients have full control over the information that they want to take in.  It’s your job as the provider of content to learn how to better appeal to your beauty audience in order to keep them interested in what you have to say and offer.

Remember …

There will be new social media platforms hitting the Internet, it’s guaranteed!  Your job as the owner of a beauty business is to find the best social media trends for your business that work for you and your clients … keep them engaged, informed and satisfied.

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