Special Reports: Proven Market Makers for Sales & Business Building

So what are the benefits of special reports? You guessed it, Free information. As you probably know, marketing online, getting consumers to notice your business and become customers is no easy task – it takes a lot of ingenuity, hard work and a continual focus on innovative marketing techniques.

Perhaps you have been to a website where they offer a free, instant download, and maybe you even took the next step to acquire it.

It is a fabulous marketing technique that more and more small businesses are taking advantage of.

A special report is a short document and since you are giving it away, you want it to be 2-5 pages in length. It MUST be of substance though – don’t fill it with fluff and nonsense as this will only backfire.

If you provide a report that is filled with quality information, you will become a subject authority to the reader and they will trust you enough to purchase products or services from you.

For example, if you sell beauty products that are specific to the anti-aging market, you may want to offer a 5 page report on how we age and the differences between static and dynamic wrinkles.

In a nutshell, you want the information to be 100% original, perhaps in e-book format with a nice format and images.

You also want your business to be referenced several times throughout the report – on the cover page such as “This special report brought to you by ABC Beauty Inc”, in the footer of each page with your business name and URL, and again at the end of the report with an About the Author section that talks about your expertise (either you directly or your business in general) and talks about your products and services and includes a very prominent link to your website.

You might also want to include a new customer discount and include a discount code to be used at checkout, or direct them to a special URL on your business website.

The reader would naturally link your expertise to your products or services for sale. That is the main purpose of a report.

Online marketing with special reports can also work to lure people to your website. If you are trying to build your company database, you can offer a special report to a site visitor willing to give you their name and email address. This is a secondary and still very effective strategy.

In this case, make sure that on your permissions page (when they sign up) that there is some message that states they are allowing you to contact them, from time to time, with newsletters and special offers, by signing up.

It does not have to be prominent, but you must include that information upfront. It is always important to present yourself and your business website as respectful, upfront and reputable.

Whether you are going to use this technique to build your marketing database or to establish your expertise and encourage sales, this type of front line marketing is an excellent way to acquire new customers for very little or no investment.

My final word of advice: don’t let the information get old… a new report once a year is a good idea and can also help you to reengage old customers who have not purchased from you in awhile.

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