The Squeeze Page - Turn A First Time Visitor Into A Lifetime Customer

For any business owner, A squeeze page is beneficial for sending out information via newsletters and email marketing. It is all well and good to add your current client list to your marketing database, but you really need to think bigger than that.

You need to capture names and contact information for your database that includes potential clients as well as industry partners and those who are just browsing your website. This is the beauty of how it works.

A squeeze page works as a gateway to your business website that is designed to wet the appetite, pique the interest and lead the browser to enter their name and email address to receive future information about your products, services and special offers.

Every time someone signs up, they are giving you permission to market to them on a very personal and direct level. In a very short period of time, you can build a very strong database of potential and current customers for your business.

Within virtually any industry, a squeeze page can be quite easy to accomplish. It can be as straight forward as providing basic information about your business.

For example, let’s say you own an online business that makes designer clothes. Your unique landing page might include some entertaining and educational information about your process for making designer clothes(without giving away your secrets!).

It should not be overwhelming but kept light and easily digested by the reader. Finally, your hook would include telling the reader how your company is always experimenting with new processes, designs, colors and to be kept abreast of new products, ask them to leave their name and email address. It is as simple as that!

Do not confuse a landing page with a full blown sales letter page; they are not the same thing. sales pages are those that we all run into on a regular basis… a very long winded sales letter that goes on for at least 2,000 words and prompts the reader to buy.

The sales pitch is a hard sale approach, filled with inflated testimonials and big promises, all in the hopes to make a sale. It is very effective, and works well for certain niche markets. The landing page is the more refined and classy version of the sales pitch page and it is only intended to sell one thing… that is, sell the reader on the attributes of your business and get them to buy into your newsletter or email notifications.

Don’t use a squeeze page to sell your product directly. Once the reader has input their name and email address, make sure the page redirects to a sales area of your website.

The person has already shown an enthusiasm for your business product line (by giving you their contact info), so lead them to the online sales catalog directly and see if you can strike while the iron is hot and convert the browser to a buyer, and perhaps a long term loyal customer.

Finally, make sure you make good use of your growing database! A monthly newsletter is always a good idea that includes a good mix of educational, informational, entertaining and sale focused content. Be sure to announce new products, promotions and special events.

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