Can You Start A Beauty Business With One Product?

Can you start a beauty business with one product? The answer is…. Absolutely! I’ve had the pleasure of attending many workshops and hearing stories of women who’ve found themselves in a situation where one product was the beginning of their beauty empire.

Most recently I had the privilege of hearing a young woman speak. She’s an esthetician that was working in a medical spa.

She had to work with products that weren’t really working for her clients. What was happening was she was bringing in all of these different product lines, having to work with them, mix them and blend them. It was becoming expensive and time consuming.

So she decided to ask other estheticians if they were confronted with the same type of challenges. When you’re treating or caring for the skin, no skin is alike, yet most skin has similar challenges.

Can One Product Solve All Skin Care Problems?

But one product cannot be used to care for all skins across the board because each challenge of each individual is different.

But what she found in her market was that she was developing a specialty when it came to skin peels which act as an exfoliant and enzyme treatment.

It allows the removal of dead skin cells that have built up on the surface and causes the skin to look sallow even if from the standpoint of yellowish or ashy gray.

Peels became her specialty and she was able to build her business based on creating one peel that took her business to another level.

Once this particular product gained popularity and success through its use from other estheticians, it allowed her to develop her financial legs. She set into motion the creation of other products, but it was one product (the peel) that got her started.

Will One Product Get You Moving When Your Start A Beauty Business?

The same thing is possible when you sit down and take a look at where you are within your beauty business and where your love is within this business.

Other women that I’ve encountered have found soaps to be that one product that allowed their business to take it’s massive jump financially and rewarding them on a personal side.

And not just soap, they fine-tuned their love for the industry of soap making and certain women specialize in melt and poor glycerin soaps.

Other women specialize in French milled soap. Others specialize in goat’s milk soap or lavender soap.

Sometimes just one scent can be the product that introduces you to a market. It’s known as a niche market. If you specialize in lavender scented soap, that’s a niche market.

That’s going to be a soap that is for lavender lovers. And while it might be small in the scheme of things, it becomes a business that is so targeted that anytime someone is looking for a lavender scented soap, your company now becomes top of mind.

Finally …

Now of course marketing and getting before the person that really likes what you’re selling plays a very important role in the success start a beauty business and how well you become known and established within your industry.

But the question is, “Can one product be the catalyst for you starting a business that turns into an empire?” And the answer is Yes.

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