How To Start Your Online Beauty Business On A Budget

When you start your online beauty business, you don’t have to start in a big way. You want to test everything in the beginning.

If you’ve already created your own product, whether it be a product for hair care or skin care, the best thing to do is start out testing it by selling it to friends and family for some honest feedback.

Using Offline Venues To Start Your Online Beauty Business

Flea markets, church bazaars and outdoor fairs are a good platform as well. If you find that you can sell your products that way, you can then get an idea about the appeal of your product to your niche market.

You can also see what kind of prices work before you go and put a large amount of money into trying to build an e-commerce platform that may take months to complete and cost you money.

Using a Wordpress Blog to Start Your Online Beauty Business

You can start your online beauty business today with a wordpress blog. That’s the best way to get started. You can use a shopping cart plug-in. You don’t need a sophisticated shopping cart in the beginning and convert it into an e-commerce platform without spending a whole lot of money. This way you can start with a small amount of products, test the waters and not spend a lot.

The way we started was with a very inexpensive site. It wasn’t a blog be we only spent a few hundred dollars before we graduated to a yahoo store, which cost us a few thousand dollars.

You’ll have to learn how to write and recognize good sales copy for your product. You’ll also need good sharp pictures and video to put on the site.

You’ll have to promote your blog by sending some social media traffic that way and by writing some blog post about your product.

You can also test, if you have some experience with Adwords. That’s a quick way to see which of your products are selling and which of your landing pages are working for you.

But you have to be careful with Adwords if you don’t have any experience or a good budget.

Components Needed In Your Blog for Your Beauty Business

All of the things that would apply to a regular e-commerce store also apply for your blog as well. You’ll want to have refund policies, terms and conditions, a contact us page, merchant account, an image of yourself somewhere in the header or on the homepage.

People do business with people, not just another business. You want to have an opt in box or some kind of way to capture visitors information.

This can be done effectively by offering an ethical bribe, free report or e-course to get them to join your list. Their name and email address are the two most important things with this process.

If you’re having good success with the blog, you don’t have to necessarily change over to an e-commerce store, because that’s going to take time and you’re going to be on a learning curve.

So if you’re having success and want to stick with the blog, by all means do so.

You want to make sure you pay attention to conversion. Set it up so you pay attention to the usability and see how easy it is to navigate and all of the things like money back guarantees and free samples (great for the beauty business).

Special promotions and discounts will help with conversion as well as look and feel of the site.

Adding an 800 number will also help with conversion and credibility. Customers like to know if they have a problem with your product, they can always contact someone to help deal with whatever issue it is they’re having. It’s a great way to make people feel comfortable about doing business with you.

If you can afford to, offer free shipping. It doesn’t have to be complete free shipping, it can be contingent on them ordering over a certain amount ($50, $75, $100). Make that very clear on your homepage that this benefit is available.

A good way to get started with promoting is to have a Facebook fan page as well as a LinkedIn page and a Twitter account.

I also recommend you getting a Google account if you don’t already have one and get a Google Plus account.

So make sure you use those social media platforms as well as content to your blogs at least 2-3 times a week to get started. If you can’t do it that many times, at least once a week and try to stick to a schedule.

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