Starting A Basic Beauty Business Online - 10 Steps To Consider

Starting a basic beauty business online or offline is no easy task. But here are a few steps that will help you in structuring your beauty business and get it off to a great start.

Step 1 - The Idea: The first thing you will have to do when starting a basic beauty business online is come up with the idea. With the “idea”, it’s the concept of creating a business online where you’re actually selling beauty products.

Now, do you want to sell hair care products, skin care products or body products? If so, do you want to niche it down and sell mineral makeup, body butters or hair serums?

With these questions yet to be answered, you have to come up with the idea of what you want to sell and if you have a passion for it.

You have to eat, sleep and breathe this business and if it’s something you’re going to tire of, then it’s not the arena you want to be in.

Step 2Determining Your Niche: The second step in starting a basic beauty business online is before you get to the content, you’ve got to determine, what’s known as a niche market. Who are you targeting the product to?

Is it going to be teenagers, mature women, a certain ethnic group, a certain gender or a certain group with a unique skin condition?

The more niched you are coming on the internet, the better. It allows you to focus on a particular segment of a market, but one of the main factors in niching is whether or not there is a demand for your product online.

Step 3 – How will you reach your Niche? Have you determined how you are going to reach your market?

Online is what we’re discussing now and with us, we chose to begin online because it was more cost effective.

We understand because we were in a time where the Internet was becoming the environment of choice for a lot of businesses.

It made it easier to step into that arena and set up online, so one would think.

You don’t have to build out the store, sign a monthly lease, pay for employees, have much inventory when you’re beginning and the Internet is a much more cost effective way to get started.

So if you can reach your niche online, that’ll be better for you.

Step 4 - Keyword Research: Keyword research is part of determining whether there’s a demand for the product that you want to sell online.

One tool of great importance in keyword research is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This tool shows you how many people are searching online using a particular keyword locally and globally.

This can give you an idea of whether you should even venture into the niche in question.

Step 5 – Who Is Your Competition? With the competition, most people will feel that competition spooks them.

But what it’s providing for you is a level of stability and foundation that shows that people are already buying the product that you want to sell. Therefore, competition becomes a good thing. What you want to do is find, amongst the competition, what’s not being offered.

So it opens up a way for you to enter into that market that you’re now addressing.

Step 6 - Test the market: You have an idea, you found your niche, you’ve done your research and in testing the market, now you want to create a small amount of what it is you want to sell.

You want to ask people to buy it from you. You want to see if people are actually willing to go into their wallet, pull out money and buy the product from you, and if they are, you have something to move forward with.

Step 7 – Name Search: Name search is done to determine if the name you want is available. This is extremely important in starting a basic beauty business online.

When you decide what the name will be, based on the keyword research you’ve done earlier, you want to make sure the keyword is in the name of your business.

Take mineral makeup for example. Makeup would be a keyword. Mineral makeup would be the target and focus under cosmetics. would be an example of a URL with the keyword in the name.

Step 8 - Sourcing your product: How do you find the vendors? You have to do the research in order to find the vendors to get your packaging.

Sourcing your product will be based on who you determine your market to be.

When you’re in step 6 of starting a basic beauty business online where you’ve tested the market and product, you want to know who your demographic is.

Is it the luxury market or discount market? One of the things we found from across the board from our mentors and research is that you never want to enter into a business based on price.

You don’t want to get into price wars where everybody looses .

But if you enter into a market where you’re offering quality, you’re more apt to have longevity with the customer and you’ll be providing them with results based on the product you’re selling.

Step 9 - The platform of choice: WordPress, Godaddy or Bluehost. Wordpress is extremely user friendly. It allows you to set up a store without the complications of a traditional website. This is a very important step in starting a basic beauty business online.

Along with wordpress, you can also use PayPal. PayPal is an easy component to accepting payment for your product.

It’s not always easy to have a bank that will issue you a merchant account so that you can accept credit cards.

But when you’re setting up a PayPal account, you can have a way to accept money and be able to accept credit cards as well with a merchant account.

Step 10 – Marketing: Marketing is the tenth step in starting a basic beauty business online. You can have everything else in place but if you don’t have a way to get your product out to people who are going to purchase it, you’re dead in the water.

Another component of keyword research is that of producing content, which is what’s going to bring people to your space (blog, business). This is part of your marketing.

That content’s going to be posted on your blog, you’re going to have certain keywords in that content, those keywords are going to be used so you can rank in the search engines.

When you’re writing pages using those keywords, you write quality pages around the keywords that you’ve chosen targeting your niche market, then you can get ranked and start getting traffic to your website.

*Always remember that for every 1 out of 100 people that come to your website and makes a purchase, that equals a 1% conversion rate.

What we’ve done is provide you with the basics of what to consider when starting your beauty business. This information is offered as a foundation.

Take each step, apply it to who and what you are as a business.

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