Starting A Beauty Business, Things To Know

Beauty entrepreneurs find themselves confronted with things they need to know when starting their business.

Have you ever said to yourself?

· I’m not interested in Google analytics,

· I don’t need to know about content/copy writing.

· I don’t need to know how many keywords we’re being found by.

· That’s not something that interests me.

These statements represent an inkling of what is said by entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, especially when it comes to what you don’t want to do.

On the other hand here is what is often said by you when you know what you want and like in your business.

· I know when all the trade shows are held

· I know all the trade publications that deal with my industry … skin care … hair care and body care.

My husband and I were going over some of these bullet points and he cracked me up because he’s straight up analytics. When it comes to the beauty side of the business he tell me emphatically that he’s not interested in that.

He doesn’t want to read it and he tells you “I’m not reading it.” So this is what goes on in our company. He doesn’t write an article and he doesn’t do email.

I do the writing. And that’s what I enjoy doing. If he has a question about an SEO issue, or online marketing, he has a hand full of forums that he can go to and get the answer, guess who writes the thread? I do. That’s right, because he doesn’t want to type.

Ebook to help you with your beauty business

I’ve got an eBook that’s coming very soon for those of you that have a beauty business, but it deals a lot with the mechanics of how you set up your website and how you market using the internet.

It’s information that you must know as an entrepreneur when you’re marketing online or offline about your business and how to strategically set yourself up in your business.

But it’s tech talk. And tech talk is something, as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn maybe not as well as your business, but you’ve got to learn it to be able to communicate what you need for your business.

Outsourcing Work As you Build Your Beauty Business

You don’t have to become an expert at it, but you need to know the language in the world of outsourcing. When you hire a person, which is what’s known as outsourcing in the industry, you hire them to do the job.

You will not have to speak with them in tech talk per se but it’s extremely important to know how to communicate what you need.

If they sense that you don’t know, you’re going to get shafted. But if you know how long a job takes to do it and what the quality of the work should be, you’re in a great space.

If you have somebody do some copywriting for you, you need to know if the copy is right. If they’re doing product descriptions for you, you outsource that, which we’ve had done, you need to know if they’re doing a good job.

Does it speak to the need of the person who’s coming to your site? At one point, we had an online Style Makeover done, there were no testimonial, no before and after shots, no images included, we had to go back and get all of that stuff done.

But we learned that this type of product needed images, testimonials and before and after shots. So we were able to go back to the person we outsourced it to and have them include all of those things.

But if we didn’t know, we would’ve had a product that was really incomplete.

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