How To Use StumbleUpon To Drive Traffic To Your Website

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site that can help drive massive free traffic to your online business. It works like a search engine in that you can use it to search for different topics of interest. When you find what your looking for, you can "Like" it, give it a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down."

This social bookmarking service comes with a really useful tool bar that enables you to bookmark sites of interest. If you search for a topic in your respective niche, bookmark it so you can read about it or share it with someone else later.

In addition to searching and bookmarking topics of interest, you can get your own product or service out there. The tools enable you to generate exposure by increasing your readership. The process all starts with setting up a profile. This is important because first impressions are everything. Make sure you have a professional looking picture and fill out all of your information accordingly. Just like other social networking sites, your interaction with other members is how you get the ball rolling.

It's a social site just like Facebook and Twitter so treat it as such with your interaction. Share topics/stories, mingle and share some more.

When you're looking at topics of interest, make sure you "like" topics in your niche as well as a topic that you like on a personal level. Mix it up. But make sure you lead with your niche. After all, you're here as a means to an end and that end is massive traffic to your website.

Linking your account to your other social networks is a great strategy for increasing traffic. When you want to share something with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, that will mean more visitors to your site in droves.

When you link your social media accounts this way, it saves you time from having to go to each site individually and share a story. So just think, you share a story, it links to Twitter and from there it links to your Facebook account. Your Facebook friends will see your twitter account and start following you. Your Twitter followers will see your StumbleUpon bookmarks and start bookmarking your topics and stories.

There are so many possibilities when you use StumbleUpon to your full advantage. Just take action and get that traffic coming.

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