Targeting A Niche Market

Is Targeting A Niche Market For Your Beauty Business Worth Your Time And Money?

When you focus on a specific group that can help you grow your beauty business, it also allows you to grow your expertise.

The old cliché of being a jack of all trades and a master of none, is not as much fun as being the master of one and being looked upon as the go to person within your particular niche market.

Targeting A Niche Market Makes You The Expert

When you are an expert in a given subject or corner of a market, you are elevating your status in the eyes of your clients which allows you to be able to charge more for your expertise.

When you’re specializing in something, you should be able to focus your time and energy on that particular niche or choice of niche and become exceptional within that given environment.

Also, when you decide to focus on a given or specific part of a market, a niche, it allows you to keep your overhead low when you first start your beauty business. You can do this whether your beauty business is a brick and mortar business or an online business.

You don’t have to concern yourself with as much inventory when you first start your beauty business or as much space. When you specialize in a particular niche it allows you to zero in on one or two products or a certain body of knowledge and sell it.

Targeting Niche Markets In The Beauty Industry

Some examples of targeting a niche market would be: • Focusing on massage therapy for pregnant women,

• Acne for men,

• Acne for teens,

• Men’s skin care,

• Or specializing in a specific service such as eyebrow design, microdermabrasian, custom blended skin care products or Brazilian bikini waxing.

These are niche markets, niche areas that have become the focal point of women who’ve decided to start a beauty business. In particular, these niche markets fall within the skincare environment.

But what if you’re passionate about candle making? You can specialize in soy candles or specialize in tapers or pillars in terms of candle shapes and designs.

So it doesn’t necessarily have to be within the skin care market, you can find your niche in other areas like jewelry design, spa products or bath products. You can be the bath salt queen and specialize in mineral salts, Dead Sea salts or specialize in scented salts and therapeutic salts.

Two requirements for Being A Successful Niche Marketer

It’s all going to depend on you. But there are two main requirements for being successful in a niche and one of them is:

• Is this niche going to be a good fit for you? Is it something that you enjoy and you’re passionate about? Will you be bored with this niche in a week?

• Does it provide a profitable market for you to actually be able to sell your products and earn an income? Can you pay yourself a salary and benefits package as well as be able to, either hire employees in house, or pay for outsourcing for certain services?

These are not the only requirements for entering into the arena of a Niche Market but they are certainly worth taking a serious look at before you move ahead.

Is There A Drawback to Niche Marketing?

One of the drawbacks to targeting a niche market would be the difficulty in being in a niche that does one thing. You could become vulnerable if the demand for your niche dries up or becomes unpopular.

So what do you do when that happens? You do your research until you find another viable niche!

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