Tired of Tech Talk When Learning How To Market Your Beauty Business Online?

Raise Your Hand If You're Tired of Tech Talk!

When you’re first starting your beauty business, especially taking it online, you’re presented with the challenge of learning a new language.

It sort of sounds like gibberish and babble all rolled into one. But as you work through learning how the medium of the Internet works, language becomes much easier for you to wrap your head around.

A lot of you have brick and mortar stores or you’re selling your product in someone else’s store environment.

But you will still need some type of website presence or web business so the public, in general, will be able to know that you actually have a beauty product for sale.

Then you’re confronted with the challenge of: How do I get my products before enough eyes worldwide and stay top of mind with all the other millions of websites that exist within the beauty industry?

That is a process and that process will be discussed in different articles as we work with you on Beautybusinessblueprint.com.

But for this particular article we’re talking about tech talk.

You need technology to run your beauty business on the Internet. But for those of “Us” that are creative, tech talk is often used to make people feel as though they’ve missed out on something so “deep”.

Not the case, it’s often a way for people to hear themselves talk.

Here are a few of the terms that had me confused and hating all the tech talk that I was hearing in the world of online marketing.

Tech Talk! I hope that my approach to explaining them makes it easier for you to understand them. We’ll begin with:

Tech Talk - Landing Pages?

You hear phrases like “landing pages” and

“squeeze pages” which in essence is the same thing - a name capture page.

You’ve seen it, participated in it, are using them over and over again when you go to other websites. When you go to a website or log on to a webinar and that person asks you to give your name and email address, that is a landing/squeeze page.

It’s a page where you can capture the name and email address of the person coming to your site.

People kept saying, “Oh the money’s in your list”, but the money’s in a responsive list and that list is responsive as long as you are offering them what they need to solve a problem.

So you collect the name and the email address and when it’s given to you, that person has given you permission to now send emails to them.

It might be an email about your product, something new that you’re offering to them, about information you might have, or a webinar that you’re doing.

You’ve been given permission to be in close communication with the person that’s provided their name and email address to you as long as they don’t tell you they’ve had enough and they’re unsubscribing.

Once they unsubscribe, you no longer have permission to send them promotional pieces.

But with this landing/squeeze page, it is a way for you to start setting up a process and system to sell your beauty products over and over again and stay top of mind to those people who join your list.

Tech Talk - Keywords?

Something else you might hear would be keyword.

What are Keywords? If you’re in the beauty business and you want to find out what your competition is selling, you would type a word into Google or Yahoo and you would do a search.

Once you do that search the results come up and that would be the competitor’s websites that are in your environment and the keyword would be what you typed into Google. Let’s say you’re a beauty business that manufactures soaps. You might type in “Goat’s milk soaps” or “Shea butter soap” or “lavender soap” and what you’re doing is using specific words that are going to give you the results of how many other people are actually selling soap in that same market.

And when your results come up, you will then see who the competitors are in your field.

Not only that, you’ll see how they’re marketing, what type of content they’re using, what their price points are, how they’re describing their particular product and you’ve used what’s known as a keyword.

Now you can also type that same keyword into a tool known as the Google Adword Keyword Tool.

You can use that resource to type in the same particular keyword and you will see just how many people have queried that word.

You’ll have results for global searches and a result for local searches.

What this does is provide you with enough information to see if there’s a big enough market who is interested in whatever your query was about.

So keywords become the lifeblood of your business because those keywords determine just how much interest there is or search volume there is for that particular keyword.

Tech Talk - Query String/Keyword Phrases

Another phrase that you may hear is query string and all that is, is a keyword phrase.

Keyword phrases are typically 2 to 4 words. They are sometimes also known as long tail keywords and can be as long as 5 or 6 words.

You will see these words popping up, especially once you learn how to use your analytics that Google provides for you to keep the data and statistics of your site.

Without the data and statistics that your site will provide through analyzing everything that goes on in the back office of your website, you don’t know what’s happening in terms of your business.

Google provides this service and it’s free and what it actually does is allow you to know what type of keyword phrases are being used to find your site.

For instance, if you are a perfumer and you’ve got analytics active and someone’s finding your site based on a keyword that they’ve typed in, they may be typing in something along the line of “natural perfumes”.

Because your site may be a site that has content about and actually provides ingredients for making natural perfumes, Google would serve your website up positioned ahead of your competition.

So you would see in your statistics how many people have come to your site based on a search of how to make natural perfumes.

So tech talk is not something that most people want to deal with.

There’s so much involved in taking care of your beauty business until when you start hearing the language of query strings and keyword phrases, landing pages and keywords in general it can overwhelm you.

But it’s a necessary thing. So if you raised your hand because you’re tired of tech talk, I know exactly what that means because my hand is always raised.

The important factor is that you must understand the environment that you’re working in and tech talk doesn’t have to be so techy that it makes you want to throw up.

But it can be presented to you in a language that’s understandable and in a way that an 8th grader can read and follow. And that’s how we’ll approach it at Beauty Business Blueprint.

We’ll help walk you through a lot of the language that’s presented online so it becomes easier to tread those waters as you stay on the creative side of producing and marketing your beauty products.

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