The Beauty Business – It’s Trends and Growth – Where Do You Fit In

The beauty business is fueling a billion dollar growth via e-commerce. According to Client & Company, a beauty retailing report done in 2010, sales of beauty products through alternate channels such as QVC and HSN have exploded growing by nearly $1 billion since 2005.

Now for small beauty businesses such as those of you who are entering into the online market for the first time, it gives you reach and goals as far as what may be possible for your business.

It tells you that consumers are spending more time at home either by virtual employment, telecommuting or by the mere desire to save money and just simply not go out as much.

So instead of just running out to the store to buy a lot of their beauty products, consumers are watching home shopping channels or info channels to get the latest or newest products.

Your Beauty Business, Where Does It Fit In and How Do You Begin?

Now where does that put you as someone who’s just starting out in the beauty business? After all you’re a small business owner that’s thinking of going into the beauty industry and you’d like to know where you fit in.

It, the Internet, gives you a place to start. The Internet allows you, as a small beauty business, to come into the arena and play on what some consider even ground.

You have the opportunity to set up a store without actually having to pay a lease for a brick and mortar location and you can put your products online via your website.

And with strategic marketing and sales techniques you can present it to the world. Beauty as the New Sweet Spot!

Beauty has become the new revenue sweetheart in what is known as a traditionally slow growing drug store chain like your CVS and Rite Aid. But it’s also reinvigorating what’s being offered in order to lure consumers with a more upscale and specialty store look.

So how do you compete as a small business in the beauty business that’s coming up against what’s known as big brands and pharmacies?

You can for example, position yourself in a niche market by specializing in one product in particular. Your specialty or your niche might be lipsticks or an eye cream.

Or it could be a product that’s geared towards anti-aging. But because you understand that consumers are being driven more to the Internet using it’s online capabilities, your marketing would be so fine-tuned that you would go into arenas where you know your particular product purchaser is.

For instance, if you have a product that’s geared towards anti-aging, typically anti-aging products are for the more mature market.

So where would you try and position yourself and place yourself in the beauty business market to these particular women?

How about dating services for mature women and baby boomers. Not only are women in the market for anti-aging products, one of the fastest growing markets are for men.

So you’ve got women and men that are looking for products that are going to help in keeping their skin moisturized and looking supple.

Because you can’t stop aging and for the most part can’t slow it down, what can you do to take care of the skin so that it doesn’t look as though it’s aging as fast?

Your entry into the beauty business online could possibly be a given product such as anti-aging or an eye cream.

You could also specialize in soap (goat’s milk soap is a fine tuned niche market). And then you would play to the strength of what goat’s milk is, how it’s used and how it’s good for the skin.

The same thing might be dealt with as far as Shea butter soaps. You would talk about Shea butter and how it’s a beautiful moisturizer in and of itself and then when you make a natural soap that contains Shea butter, it’s like having this succulent bar that’s going to feed your skin and keep it moisturized and hydrated.

Is Ecommerce Fueling Your Beauty Business?

So understanding that e-commerce is what’s fueling the beauty business (this billion dollar industry), you’ll want to take your product and business into consideration and really try to niche it down and find out how you can come into this market.

If you’re already in the market, you’ll want to see what’s being offered and see how you can position yourself by what isn’t being offered.

And if something’s being offered and you still want to go into that arena, how would you come in to speak from your voice and become the choice when it’s time for the consumer to actually make their purchase?

With That Being Said …

These are just a few things to take into consideration when starting or expanding your

beauty business online. Keep in mind that you’re in a wonderful place at this time because there are so many factors that keep people from going into the malls and into the stores.

As I stated earlier, telecommuting is fast becoming an integral part of the workplace. Couple that with the price of gas and you’ve got factors that are playing right into your hand as a person who owns and operates a beauty business online.

What’s The Next Step in Your Beauty Business

So now you have to become the marketer, so that you can capture the attention of the consumer and put your product in front of them.

Hence, taking you into the arena of being a part of the brands that are provided for this super billion-dollar industry.

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