Tips and Techniques For Marketing Your Beauty Business

Looking for tips and techniques to market your beauty business? Most business owners are. Who wouldn’t want help in this area?

My husband and I were talking earlier today about how we got started. We were taking a look at what you might want to consider as you begin your journey into starting your beauty business.

He said: “You’ve made something out of nothing. And you created the brand from your head. I’m talking all this smack and I haven’t done anything…lol. Really, right? “ The ‘smack’ he was referring to is SEO, pay per click, and content marketing.

But I created the product line and the brand that he can refer to when using SEO, pay per click and content marketing.

He’s contributed a lot! But some of the tips and techniques listed below were not always in place when we first started our beauty business.

Before and After Pictures

In the beauty industry, before and after pictures are crucial. You want before and after pictures and/or videos.

You must have that whether you’re selling hair products, cosmetics, lip gloss … pictures allow you to show people results because this is what they buy … results.

What’s the Look and Feel of Your Product?

Just as with all products, you know you want to have a good look and feel, but particularly when you’re selling beauty products.

Your website has to have a nice look and feel…it has to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Aesthetically pleasing, visually pleasing, however you want to phrase it, it’s got to look good.

Write to the Emotion of your market

You know when you’re selling beauty products nine out of ten times, a large percentage of your market is going to be women.

So you have to write to the emotion of women. Learn how to write copy for your product descriptions and other copy and marketing materials, you’re writing to women.

Don’t write from a buy, buy, buy point of view, the pushy hard sell technique, because women don’t like it. You have to be subtle.

If your market happens to be men, you will write to the emotions of men. The approach will be slightly different but you will learn this as you interact with them as your clients.

Samples are a great way to test your product.

Claude Hopkins the godfather of direct response marketing said that giving out samples is one of the best ways to acquire new customers.

If you’re selling lawn furniture or clothes, you can’t give out samples.

But if you’re selling skin care and hair care products, you can always give out samples of a moisturizer, shampoo or conditioner.

Even with candles you can do votives or tea light candles as samples. You can sell them as sample packs (4 votives to a pack/6 votives to a pack/6 tea lights to a pack) and those can be sample packs.

If you really just want to give them away, when you ship you can just throw one or two in an order.

You can do small samples of potpourri and then you can have the packages of oil that are sold with it.

You can’t do that with many products online but with beauty products, it’ll help your sales and gain good will with your clients.

You can do your numbers and find a way… you can give away a free gift with orders over a certain amount.

We created a scent sample pack that we sell. But quite often, we’ll take one or two items that’s part of the scent sample pack and send that in a shipment so they can test it.

Finally …

As you grow your beauty business, marketing is the important factor. All of these tips and techniques will help you to build your brand and market your business.

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