Trends in The Beauty Industry and How They Affect Your Business

Trends in the beauty industry are a constantly moving force. With a beauty business and the beauty industry, there are certain trends that will be bringing things into focus for the coming year.

Progressive Wellness in your Beauty Business

One of those trends in the beauty industry would be progressive wellness as far as skin is concerned. Clients are beginning to understand that skin care is not just a once in a while pampering experience, but also a lifestyle choice.

A lot of clients are beginning to understanding that your skin is a part of your image.   And the image you project, whether you’re going out to project your business or going into an interview within a corporate structure.

Wellness is part of what’s known as lifestyle choices. Wellness with your hair, skin and nails is one of those things that has to be considered when you want to be sure that there’s a complete package and a healthier you.

Galvanic … High Frequency … Microdermabrasion …is This Equipment That You Will Use?

In the skin care industry, another one of the trends that’s moving forward would be the equipment-based treatments and what that says is you’re looking at more services being offered.

Microdermabrasion, ultrasound, radio frequency, and laser…these are all services that are done through the use of a machine where the esthetician is in control.  She/He is using the machine in order to provide the main component of service.

How Much Training Do You Put Yourself Through in A Given Year For Your Beauty Business?

A key thing for you with your beauty business is the increased focus on training. No matter what your genre or area of expertise, education is crucial.

At a recent wellness summit, extensive study was done looking at the challenges faced in the beauty industry.  Many people are looking for products, especially when it comes to your skin and body products that are naturally cultivated, a back to nature kind of thing that will have positive effects on your skin and it’s behavior.

Some companies offer tours to lavender farms and it’s a wonderful experience to educate your self and your clients to be able to see what goes into growing a product that they’ll be using.

 Another ebbing trend is pedicures. People are looking for a foot treatment that’s going to have them with a treatment that can be had when they might be challenged with diabetes.

Specialized Treatments in Specialized Spa’s

Hadology is the term that’s being used to describe a professional with advanced training and knowledge in pedicuring your feet, from the standard nail technician.   The hadologist is one that specializes in foot treatments such as for diabetics.

You want someone who understands reflexology, who understands the points on your feet, they coincide with your internal organs.

So when someone asks you what type of service you provide, the query for an esthetician would be to reply with asking if there are any challenges with allergies, illnesses, medications and she would know how to treat the person in front of her.

If your client were one that’s challenged with diabetes, then your specialist would understand how to deal accordingly.

A specialty spa is another one of the trends in the  beauty industry. When you focus on what you’re good at, then you know you’re not trying to please everyone in business, but to serve only those people who are coming to you because of your expertise within an area.

An example is a colleague who is a board certified esthetician, but her specialty has become Brazilian waxing.

So when you are looking for someone who understands body waxing, especially the Brazilian wax, then she is the person to go to in that particular field.

Then there are people who are specialist in air brushing, tattooing and permanent makeup. Specialists do all of these services and you can become known as one of them in your area.

You might be the provider of mineral makeup and it could be mineral makeup for women of color, you could specialize in lip balms or glosses and these are areas that you have placed yourself into as the specialist.

With spa treatments there are certain spas that are becoming known for the type of treatments they provide. When I speak culturally, countries as diverse as India, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, these are spa services where herbal treatments are given.

Finally …

Your clients will be very cautious in how they spend their money.   So one thing that’s become part of the trends in the beauty industry is they don’t spend money if they don’t have to.

If you’ve survived through the economical and global challenges and you’ve found a way to stay marketable with your business, you’re light years ahead of others that are in the same profession.

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