Twitter For Business - Another Way To Boost Your Marketing Power

Using Twitter for business marketing purposes is another powerful way to get your message or product to potential customers. Essentially, as a registered Twitter member, you choose who you want to follow, and each time they tweet, you are notified.

There is no need to respond (unless you want to). There is much controversy over the validity of tweeting and if Twitter is a good business tool or just a waste of time. However, more and more companies, small and large are using Twitter for business enhancement today than ever.

Businesses can use Twitter to reach out to customers or business partners.

If done properly, a small business, including those in the brick and mortar industry, can share company news such as new product releases and promotions, as well as announce new blog posts or educational information that you may want to share.

Each time you do, you put your business out there. Just remember to keep it streamlined and simple!

Simplicity has been a fundamental role in the success of Twitter. The site has been such a huge success because people from around the world are eager to connect to others and Twitter makes that happen in a very easy and non-threatening way.

On a technical level, Twitter is a message routing system that revolves around social networking.

Twitter asks you to answer just one question: What are you doing? Your tweet, which is your response to that question, must be 140 characters or less and it can be sent via the web, instant messaging, or mobile cell phone SMS text messaging.

There are some phenomenal ways to use Twitter for business growth, to build your network, increase your client database and sell more of your products or services. Here are a few:

• Add a picture to your account and make sure it relates to your business – it keeps you human in a world of digital contact.

• Listen as much as you tweet – keep your eye out for tweets about your name, your competition and other words that relate to your industry niche.

• Share cool things with your followers. If you keep everyone interested by providing fun and educational info, they will be more open-minded when you want to share your business with them.

• Before each tweet, think about the question… what are you doing? Look at it in a different way such as what grabbed your attention in your industry today? • Don’t be a link litterer! Instead of just posting links to a recent blog post or a product you are promoting, make it interesting.

• Follow your competitors and read their tweets to see how they are reaching out to clients and business partners.

Of course, you will want to use twitter for business promotion, but make sure it is valuable – give good advice, offer free tips, point to an educational blog post you just uploaded or broadcast an upcoming teleseminar or webinar.

Twitter can be a huge time waster or it can be an excellent business builder if you approach it the right way. This is an excellent social media source to direct the attention of others to really good things online, such as your business! Think about it as a communication, networking, competitor spying and marketing tool all in one.

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