Using Celebrities To Market Your Beauty Business

Every beauty business has its pros and cons. One of the pros of using celebrities to endorse your beauty product is that you will gain instant credibility.

You’re being what are called “framed” by the popularity of the celebrity and that celebrity is bringing attention and validity to your product.

Marketing Your Beauty Business With Celebrity Brings Brand Awareness, Authority and Instant Traffic

One of the other pros or advantages is instant recognition and brand awareness.

Anytime a celebrity’s name or face is used to market a product, that celebrity becomes associated with that brand and the brand is instantly recognized because of the celebrity’s popularity.

You also gain authority with celebrity endorsement. Your beauty business would be one that’s looked upon, as having vast knowledge and you’d be perceived as the expert by mere association with a celebrity. It would also provide for you one of the other advantages, which is instant traffic to your site.

If you have a brick and mortar store, it would bring traffic to your store because one of the advantages of working with a celebrity would be to have an in store visit.

You would automatically have this great onslaught of traffic and customers because you’d make it known through the media (press release, community broadcast, your website) that this person is going to appear at your store.

For people who are stargazers, they would come to see this particular celebrity.

They may not purchase that particular day, but they will know and understand that the celebrity is associated with your beauty business.

As far as that consumer is concerned they would feel that, “Well if this product is good enough for this celebrity to purchase it, then it’s good enough for me.”

It’s the psychological effect of what happens when you have celebrities endorsing your beauty product.

Marketing Your Beauty Business With Celebrities Can Bring Lack of Trust, Bad Reputation and Lack of Affordability.

Now looking at some of the cons or negativities associated with celebrity endorsement, some consumers know and understand that anytime a celebrity is present, they’re being paid.

So there’s a certain amount of lack of trust that a given number in the population would have because they’re paying them to say this.

So the consumer feels, “Is the product really this good, or are they paying the employee to endorse this product?” So it’s not always as though you can trust the sincerity and validity of a given product when you see a celebrity endorsing it.

Also, you’ll have to look at reputations when using celebrities. They can be having a great career and then the slightest thing happens in the media that’s not positive or not in great standing with the image of your business and your business now suffers from the reputation of the celebrity who you hired to endorse your product.

So you have to make sure that if this were a route you’d take, the reputation of the celebrity would be one that matches the nature of your business and your product.

Another thing with using celebrities is the person doesn’t always have to be a big name. It can be a local celebrity. That’s a good way to start and work your way up, but when you’re dealing with the customer who can often be fickle, having a local celebrity can also work against you because they would be looking for someone more well known.

But you can use that to work to your advantage as well because in starting with a local celebrity, that local celebrity is going to make your brand popular within your given community and surrounding area and then you’ll be recognized because of that local celebrity.

Using celebrities locally such as a newscaster or an anchorperson that’s very well known within your city, is a great place to start. Also a young model who may be known in your immediate area and they are growing in popularity themselves, so they become more of the face of your product.

You can also look at entertainers to a certain extent someone up and coming and your brand can be something that can help the growth of the entertainer and vice versa.

So that becomes a positive and negative when you’re looking at the use of a local celebrity.

And then there’s the affordability. No one comes for free. So as a new business selling a beauty product, whom can you afford?

How much is in the budget to afford someone who’s well known? Unless this person is your sister, cousin or someone that you grew up with who wants to help you, having a celebrity endorse your product is going to be something that comes way down the road.

Finally …

Using celebrities to endorse your product can work both ways. It can be good for you in the sense that you’ll get the immediate credibility, recognition, brand awareness, and authority.

Just the fact that you brought someone in who’s well known will give you the opportunity to boost your business. It’s never guaranteed but it can create a “buzz” if nothing else.

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