Using E-commerce To Sell Beauty Products

Tips On Setting Up And Using E-commerce Sites To Sell Your Beauty Products Online

Whether it’s skin care, cosmetics or hair care, we’re all referring to beauty products.

One of the most important things you need to have is:

Before and after pictures. Why are before and after pictures so important for using e-commerce? Because people are buying results, not your product. As a marketer once said, “Customers don’t buy a drill, they buy the hole.” The benefit is the hole that you make with the drill and not the drill itself.

So when you’re selling your hair care and skin care products, people want to see the results and there’s no better way to show results than showing a before and after picture.

If you look at infomercials and print ads for these types of products, you’ll notice that the people are using before and after pictures. • Secondly, which is closely related to but not the same thing, are testimonials. Testimonials are referred to sometimes as social proof. When you're using e-commerce, this is critical.

People like to hear what other people are saying about your product or service because it’s more convincing than what you have to say about yourself. We tested our marketing with and without testimonials and we found that our conversion went up about 20%. Now make sure they’re honest testimonials. When you get feedback from your customers, make sure you ask them if you can use that feedback. So make sure you get feedback from your positive and repeat customers.

• Another thing you want to pay attention to are images. When you have a beauty business and you’re selling different products, you want to make sure that the images are clear, they stand out and it’s not too small to see. Make sure the images are big enough to see the label and that it’s a sharp photo. If it’s not in your budget to pay for professional photography, grab that digital camera and do the best you can to make sure the images are engaging.

• Another tip is for the product description. If you’re going to do it yourself, when writing the product description don’t make it too long because it’s an e-commerce site and you want to make sure it’s very concise. You want to talk about the benefit of the product in its description as well as the features. Tell the people what the product is going to do for them and then talk about the features of the product.

• Another point is to look at and study the competition. Type in the most competitive keywords in your particular niche in the search engine and look at the layout of the best competition that comes up in the search result pages. Really take a look at their sites because these people are on top for a reason. Look at the layout, the colors, and the look and feel and check their product description. You don’t want to copy what they’re doing but you want to “reverse engineer” it.

One marketer says that “Success leaves tracks”, so look at those sites. Also, pay attention to infomercials. Most cosmetics or beauty products are sold via infomercials so pay attention.

• The next tip is to put in a guarantee. A big part of direct response marketing is to always guarantee your product. Sometimes you will use a 30-day guarantee, a 60-day guarantee or a 90-day guarantee. It’s been tested and shown that the longer the guarantee, the more it encourages people to buy from you because they feel less at risk. It’s also been shown, over time, that the longer the guarantee, the less returns you get.

From time to time you will get people that will return the product “just because”. They had no intention of making a purchase. But that will be such a small amount of the people that buy from you as a result of the guarantee, so don’t let it ruffle your feathers or bend you out of shape. When they want their return, just give it to them and you’ll see that overall your bottom line will increase with a good solid money back guarantee.

Using E-commerce is the business of selling your products online. The tips mentioned above will get you started but they are just part of what’s needed to successfully market your beauty business online.

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