Using Google Adwords For Selling Online

You can go into the Adwords interface and have it set up for conversion tracking. This will allow you to know what keywords are actually converting into sales for you and/or lead generation.

You can determine what the sales conversion is for that particular landing page that you’re sending traffic to.

You can also see how your click through rate is performing for your ads. You get an opportunity to have a number of different ad groups where you can have different ads showing based on certain keywords that the searcher puts into the search box.

So that will give you a chance to test the performance of the keywords, the ads and the landing pages that you’re sending the traffic to.

You can make changes to those particular properties and if you want to change the headline, ad or description, you’ll be able to see what combination works the best.

You want to make sure that the traffic you’re sending there is relevant to the ad and the keyword.

You can tweak the landing page and see what kind of copy, headline and offer works best for you. You can also see if they are getting you the most sales conversion or lead generation, especially if you’re trying to build your database.

But it’s the fastest way that you can find out what your most profitable keywords and landing pages are.

What Will The Feedback From Your Adwords Campaign Tell You?

Once you get feedback from using Google Adwords in a campaign, you'll see what’s working and you can take your time to test and be thorough to find the “sweet spot”. At this point you can then start optimizing your pages.

Based on your Adwords campaign, you’ll have a factual statistical idea of what landing pages and keywords are working for you.

You’ll no longer be guessing and putting in a whole lot of effort into SEO, writing a lot of articles and getting certain pages up in the rankings, only later to find those pages aren’t actually getting you sales.

One of my mentors says that whenever he takes on a client for e-commerce sites, he always starts off with PPC (Pay Per Click). He says sometimes he’ll go in and lose money, but he always wants to make more money than he spends for traffic and this is how you want to do it.

Sometimes in the beginning when you’re testing you may, for example, spend $2000 for traffic for a particular month and only make $1500 back so you have a $500 loss.

But you use that feedback and try to improve your performance and the next month you’ll break even. With the feedback from those first two months (improving your landing pages, ads…etc.) you could see a profit in the third month.

Once you find out what’s working for you, you won’t mind spending the amount of money to get the traffic. As long as you’re making more money from your sales than you’re actually spending on the traffic and you can increase what you spend on your traffic as far as your budget will allow you.

Start Small and Build Your Google Adwords Campaign

So if it were in your budget to start off marketing your web pages with Google Adwords, I would recommend that you do so.

You want to move slowly and start with a small budget and build on that as your skills improve.

A good book that I would recommend would be: Winning Results With Google Adwords. The author of the book is Andrew Goodman and it’s an excellent book to get started.

Lastly …

I wouldn’t recommend outsourcing. Outsourcing your Google Adwords campaign is a mistake that we made in the beginning without thoroughly understanding how Adwords worked. We didn’t know what to expect from the company and it was a disaster.

You don’t have to be a master of using Google Adwords, but at least know enough about it so if you decide to outsource the management of it down the line you’ll know exactly how it should be done.

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