Using Pinterest and How To Promote Your Beauty Business

Using Pinterest is as fun as it is useful. What is Pinterest? Technically, Pinterest is a visually focused bookmarking site. It’s being referred to as, The Latest Social Media Network Phenomenon.

Pinterest is a website where you can use images that are centered on your interest, lifestyles, as well as your business.

As a user, you would create what’s known as theme boards of images that are from sites all over the Internet.

So as someone who owns a beauty business, you’re really trying to get yourself before a market that’s going to be able to identify with you, your product, your product mix, become familiar with who your are and what your theme is. Pinterest is a great way to set up somewhat of a marketing campaign. Using Pinterest and How It Differs From Facebook and Twitter

While Facebook and Twitter are excellent platforms for promoting content, Pinterest is a platform in which you can show off your personality so to speak, your brand personality, philosophy and style using images.

What you’re doing is allowing yourself to market your business with a soft sale approach. When you’re setting yourself up with what are known as boards, you’re actually giving the viewer the opportunity to see who you are.

Creating Storyboards That Reflect You and Your Beauty Business

For instance, some of the boards that have been set up on Pinterest are titled ‘Products That I Like’, ‘My Style’, ‘Favorite Places and Spaces’.

In your beauty business you might set up a board that’s titled ‘Skin Care’, ‘Hair Care’, ‘Personal Products’, ‘My Favorite Scents’ if you’re into essential oils or perfumes.

If you enjoy reading about beauty, one of your boards might be ‘My Favorite Books’. And you might have books listed on the history of perfume, how to make gel soap, how to make candles, how to make a body wash or bath salts. This is where using Pinterest gets really fun. What you’re doing is creating a storyboard. Through your storyboard you’re allowing the reader who comes to your Pinterest page to get to know who you are in a much more relaxed environment.

Your viewers are not pressured to purchase and they’re not as quick to move on because as you set your boards up and create your visual of who you are or what

your brand is like, people will take an interest in you and keep coming back to see what else you have to offer or say on your Pinterest board.

Social Media Platforms and How They Can Help Your Beauty Business

Social media platforms come and go everyday, but Pinterest is here to stay. It’s going to be one of the “big boys” with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Some marketers have already gone on record to say they’re getting more traffic from using Pinterest than Twitter and Facebook combined. If you’re in the beauty business, of course you know your website is image driven because you’re going to have images of people and the product you sell. Pinterest is especially good for a beauty business because it lends itself to images. You can now put videos and articles on Pinterest although it started out primarily for images.

You can write a description underneath the image, put it on your board and people who like it will share it on other boards within the Pinterest community. They will also click on that image which is linking back to your website. That’s how you drive traffic to your website.

Finally …

Pinterest is great for your beauty business and it’s a great platform for anyone to get involved in. So go to Pinterest, look around in the tutorials and get started.

It’s not difficult, but it’s just a matter of going there, signing up and getting started. You must be invited but it doesn’t take long for you to get an invitation.

In today’s market, you need as many traffic sources as you can get. You don’t want to rely too much on search engine traffic or any other one source of traffic. You want to diversify your traffic sources and Pinterest is a great traffic alternative for a traffic source.

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