Using Stories In Your Content For Selling Your Beauty Products

Are you using stories in your content to influence your customers?

An example of how powerful story telling can be is if you were trying to sell a natural face-cleansing product to cleanse your face.

You might say in one example that you have a high quality, all natural face cleansing product guaranteed to keep your face clean and helps to avoid acne breakouts and so on.

The second example when telling a story regarding that same product, you might talk about an experience you had when you were going to a wedding. You might begin your story talking about your best friend getting married and you as the maid of honor, seven or eight days before the wedding, you were having breakouts on your skin.

The story would continue talking about when you started to panic because you wanted your skin to look it’s best since you’re the maid of honor. With all of the attention that will be on you, you start to use a face cleansing product everyday leading up to the wedding, And just days before the wedding, all of the acne begins to clear up.

Now that you’ve cleared your face, you don’t’ have to be in a panic state. With your face looking clear and with a little mineral makeup you’d be confident that you’d look your best at the wedding because of this face-cleansing product.

Using Stories In Your Content Is Essential, So Which Story would you be most intrigued by?

Now which example would interest you the most? You have now engaged your readers by telling a story and human beings are wired for story telling.

You watch movies because they’re stories. They keep your attention because nobody likes to be left with an incomplete story, so it helps people to move seamlessly through your copy when your using stories in your content this way.

It also makes your content original and unique because it’s coming from your actual experience. When you speak from your own natural everyday experience, your product or service is going to be unique and original because there is only one you.

When people go on the web and paraphrase content, they just find facts and mere facts of a product bores your readers. The last thing you want to do is bore your readers who come to your site.

You want to keep them engaged and you can give them a little humor in the story as well. People like to be entertained while they’re being educated or informed. This is what makes using stories in your content so important.

Lead With The Benefits When Using Stories in Your Content

In both examples, the emphasis was put on the benefits of the product. You always want to lead with the benefits and emphasize with the benefits of the product.

Include the features as well, but the benefits are going to state, “what’s in it” for the client. That’s what will hold their attention. Many of your readers will have shared similar experiences and it helps them to have an emotional connection to your content. Tests have shown that the longer a visitor stays on your site, the better chance you have to get them to make a purchase or subscribe to your list or click on an ad you’re generating revenue from.

The longer they stay engaged on your site, the better chance you have to get them to take the action you want them to take. Also, search engines pay attention to engagement as well.

It’ll reduce the bounce rate and increase the average time the visitor spends on your site. It can also help your rankings.

Getting Inspiration for Writing Content For Your Website

Using stories in your content can give you inspiration for writing content for your website in many ways.

Sometimes you may be watching a television program or watching a movie that might stimulate an idea in your mind for a good story.

You may be talking to a family member or friend and they might mention something that inspires you to write a good story along with your content.

So stay alert to what’s going on around you and your environment and you’ll be able to transfer that into a good story.

I remember my wife and I were at a workshop and we had to stand up and do a presentation about our product. My wife stood up and gave the presentation from her personal experience of when she was stressed out and under a lot of pressure, which resulted in her discovery of her comfort from using essential oils and bath salts to relieve the stress and tension.

After she finished, I stood up to make my presentation and I was more factual, just talking about facts about the product. When the other participants made an evaluation of our presentations, hers was head and shoulders above mine because people connected with hers and they thought mine was boring. I didn’t use a story, I just talked about the facts.

Finally …

Make sure you test this method out in your l niche market. Try using personal stories in your emails and blog posts and see if your engagement goes up.

See if your bounce rate goes down and visitor time spent on your website goes up. I’m sure you’ll see the difference in a positive way.

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