Video Marketing To Increase Your Sales and Leads

Video marketing strategies are important because video is playing an increasingly larger role on the Internet. I’m sure you’re aware that Google purchased Youtube several years ago for an enormous amount of money because they saw that video was going to be playing a big role on the Internet.

For you, as an Internet marketer, you definitely need to participate in the online explosion. Video marketing strategies provide a great way to get leads. We’ve used video for lead generation and been quite successful in getting subscribers to our database. Also, we’ve made sales from video. Video converts the sale better than text.

There have been many test done and they’ve shown that when you send an email offer to your list rather than just have it all in text format, if you include a link to a video where you’re making a pitch for your product or service, it’s been proven that your offer will convert better.

In the beginning with our lead capture page we used an image. When we changed the image to a video, our opt-ins almost doubled overnight.

You can also use video marketing strategies on your actual website. Test have also shown that it engages the visitor, keeps people on your site longer and establishes relationships.It’s just the power of video. Most people have never met Oprah Winfrey, but because of television (video) she’s actually a live person for them and they feel a strong connection to her.

Furthermore, video marketing strategies give you a great way to demonstrate a product. If you have a product that lends itself to demonstration (infomercials), video can help immensely with the sale of your product. You can produce your own video and have them published on other people’s websites. Some publishers and webmasters will accept your video in place of an article. You can have a small description about the content of the video and then they will publish it.

One of the best video marketing strategies I would recommend is starting a Youtube channel. We’ve started a Youtube channel that has over 30 videos on it and it’s helped us a great deal in getting subscribers and making sales. If you find it appropriate, you can host someone else’s video on your website if it’s relevant and related to your subject.

If you do so I would recommend that the video play in a new window so they stay on your site. If it’s a Youtube video you don’t want them to leave your site and go to Youtube. You want them to stay on your site.

At present the majority of people have broadband. I encourage you not to be intimidated by the process of actually producing your video. We started with a simple camcorder, purchased some lighting and recorded in our own home. You don’t have to be highly technical to produce a video. You’re not trying to be George Lucas. You just want to have a clear audible video with informative and useful content.

Most people prefer viewing short videos. Most videos are 3-5 minutes on Youtube. People are very busy and have naturally short attention spans so it’s better if it’s short and to the point.

Before you actually produce the video you should think through what you want the video to actually achieve for you. Do you want to make a sale from the video? Get a lead? Brand yourself? Think it through and write a small script with exactly what you want to say and whatever the “call to action” will be and you can put that in the video.

As far as editing the video, if you have a PC most of them come with Windows Movie Maker which is an editing program you can use to edit your videos. If you have a Mac, you will have iMovie which is what we use and it’s also very user friendly. For both of these you can go to the tutorials and learn how to use these software programs proficiently.

In conclusion, I would recommend that (like Nike) you just do it. Don’t be intimidated by the process. The sooner you get started, the more videos you’ll be able to turn out, the more opt -ins you’ll get and the more sales you’ll make.

One last thing, there are 2 products on the market that will be able to distribute your video all over the web to different video hosting sites. The first is Tube Mogul and the second is Traffic Geyser. They will both do wonders for your video distribution but Tube Mogul is a free service while Traffic Geyser is a paid service.

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