Website Content Strategy To Position Yourself On The Web

Do you have a website content strategy? If you’re just starting out you want to make sure you give careful thought to what kind of content you’re going to use to position/brand yourself on the web.

When we started out with our first couple of properties on the web, we had no idea that we’d have been more effective had we considered a content strategy before publishing our site. We’ll save you that pain and delay in getting a fast start by sharing with you some of the things you should consider when setting up a content strategy for your website.

• First thing is the quality of the website. Of course you want it to be very good and you must make sure that the content is targeting the market you want to reach.

• Next, you must do your keyword research to help you determine the kind of content that you’ll want to use on your website as well as out on the web.

• Know and understand your goals in order to have effective a website content strategy. Are you trying to position yourself as the expert in your particular niche so your content can help you do that?

If you’re sharing content that you pick up from other blogs/websites then that should also be quality content. And it should help with your goals, whatever they are.

The goal of some of your content would be for subscribers to opt-in to your database. That also needs to be carefully thought out.

Website Content Strategy for E commerce Sites

If you have an e-commerce site and you’re selling products, you want to make sure the product description is written well. Write a plan as though it were a script for your product descriptions.

• You’ll want to make sure that you have your keywords included in your product descriptions. If you’re selling a beauty product, jewelry or even an information product, your keywords will be crucial when placed in your product description.

• You have to think through the type of description you want to have for that particular product. Even if you’ve already started your website you can always go back and tweak your content to improve it and/or optimize it.

• You really want to pay attention to your home page because the content on your home page is very crucial to your success. It should be written in a way that when people land on your site, they know exactly what it is about. Furthermore, most of them will be coming in on your home page.

• When your visitors arrive, you want them to know what it is you have to offer or whether you represent the solution to the problem they’re searching for.

Site Structure Depends on Your Website Content Strategy

• Also, your site structure will depend on your content. You’ll be building your site based on the master keyword list that you developed when you decided what niche you were going to go into. You’ll be using content, not only for the home page, but your category pages or what some call the 2nd tier pages.

• Social media content is also important. You have to make sure when you’re using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn that you’ve thought carefully about what type of content you’re going to be putting on these pages. You want to emphasize the benefits to the targeted audience and also include keywords in that content.

• You want to have a plan when you do guest blogging out on the web. When you put your content on another publisher’s website you want to have a plan there too.

What type of content you want to place on other publishers’ websites and point links back into your pages (inbound links).

So you have to think through the content and make sure it’s relevant to the pages it’s pointing back to on your site.

When you put articles out on the web in certain high quality article directories, you also want to have your strategy in place there as well.

Here’s where you want to have quality content targeted to your niche markets with keywords. Not keyword stuffing, but planning your keywords carefully.

Website Content Strategy and Social Media

• Now you also have Squidoo lenses and HubPages to consider. They will fall into your content strategy. Email marketing is another. When you plan out your email strategy you want to plan your auto responder sequence and what kind of messages you’re going to send out to the subscribers.

That’s an art and science in itself, but it requires strategic content planning.

• As you know, text is not the only form of content. You have video and when you write the description and headline of the video it takes planning.

Podcasts are another form of content, which not only the content within the podcast itself, but the description you write for your podcast.

These things should be planned out and include keywords that are targeted toward your market.

If you plan your website content strategy around the things mentioned in this article you will be able to get off to a great start by being aware and not rushing.

Already have a website up and running but didn’t follow the rules mentioned above? It’s never to late to tweak your website content.

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