Website Content - How To Be Transparent

By transparency, I mean being truthful in your website content about who you are. Expressing yourself, talking about your opinions on a certain subject or product from your own personal point of view.

Not hiding anything about your real voice and opinion about anything. The truth about who you are as a person, some information about your background or how you got started in the particular market you’re now in.

What inspired you to get involved in the niche you’re in? It could be something you read, a mentor you had or courses you took in school. It could be an individual you saw that inspired you. But be truthful about it and that will help some people connect with you.

Now by being transparent, of course I don’t mean discussing very intimate issues like if you’re married and what goes on in your bedroom.

We’re just talking about your real values and your background like where you grew up, a little about your family and what you do in your daily life. Those are the things that people find interesting. After all people want to do business with People and not just a business.

Many marketers have found that if you’re truthful and transparent in your website content, people connect to you and they feel like they really know, like and trust you.

And when it’s time for you to recommend a product or service to them (one of your own) they are more likely to buy from you because they feel they are buying from someone who has been real with them.

Using Transparency to Increase Engagement

It’s also been found through testing, that when you’re transparent with your website content and you’re speaking from your own real life experiences, the engagement on your site is better.

By engagement, I mean people spend more time on your site and they click through to more pages because they’re being engaged, entertained and informed by your content because you’re keeping it real.

Using Transparency and Keeping it Conversational

Also, when you’re writing your content part of the transparency is keeping the content in a conversational mode. That means writing the way you speak or normally talk.

You want to write as if you’re sitting down and having a cup of coffee with a close friend of yours. Someone that you trust and can talk to in a very relaxed conversational manner.

So along with being transparent, keep it conversational. Don’t try to use a lot of big words and technical talk. Try to keep it more on an 8th grade level.

People don’t want to sit down to read your content and have to have a dictionary at their side. So make sure you keep the conversation casual.

Finally …

If you haven’t already put some of these tactics to work in your content, try it. Try a few articles this way and watch how the engagement improves and see if your promotions convert better.

Try it out for a while and I’m sure you’ll have a better connection with your prospects and clients and I’m sure they will appreciate that as well.

After all, whether you’re an online marketer or offline marketer we’re first and foremost human beings and 90% of our characteristics, we have in common.

People like to feel comfortable and they like to know other people can share some of their flaws and make some of the same mistakes that they make.

So try them out and let us know how they work for you.


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