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Is Website Conversion More Important Than Look And Feel?

When building a website, look and feel is important. When people land on your website they like to see a professional looking website, not something that was just done by a 4th grader (just thrown up without any thought).

Make sure that you have a professional look and feel, but the look and feel is not the most important objective for your website.

You want to put website conversion ahead of look and feel, without completely ignoring that your site should be attractive to visitors when they land on it.

Make sure you pay attention to the headline, that’s the first thing that will grab people’s attention. See to it that it’s written correctly with strong benefits so when they land there, they know they’ve come to the right place within the first few seconds.

Make it easy to read. Don’t try to use fancy fonts that can make it difficult for visitors to understand. Use the fonts that are commonly used on the Internet.

You can look at other sites that have great traffic and a good look and feel and just use the same fonts on your website.

Be sure that your navigation is easy to follow whether you have it in the top menu bar or left side bar. See to it that it makes sense and that it’s easy to follow and written in a logical manner so the visitor can easily find what they’re looking for.

3 Tiers For Website Conversion

With our websites we like to use what they call 3 tier websites where you have your home page, category pages which link from your home page and then your product pages.

Your product pages could also be your information pages. It’s good for best practices to link all your pages together internally. If it’s a 3rd tier page you can link it to another 3rd tier page or a 2nd tier page.

When you link internally between pages the best practices to use are contextual links. Put the links in the content of your pages, the search engines like that.

Putting benefits ahead of features for your products makes website conversion easier. Talk about what benefit the visitor will get from your product or service.

People buy a drill for the hole and not the drill itself. The hole is the benefit and the weight, material and power of the drill would be the features.

Is Writing For An 8th Grader Best For Website Conversion?

A few tips to consider when writing for and designing your website:

• It’s been said by many marketers that when you write from an 8th grade level on the Internet, it helps to improve your conversion. You don’t want to write from a graduate level, you want to make it easy to understand.

• Another tip is to avoid clutter. Don’t give too many choices on a page for a visitor to have to choose from. Make sure your page is not cluttered together with too many ads or too many different options to click on.

• You also want to include a call to action and put it in more than one place to increase conversion. Make sure you include a phone number (toll free would be best). That shows credibility and the visitors would like to know if they make a purchase they can reach you by phone and not just email.

• Also make sure you include a guarantee. The guarantee can be 30, 60 or 90 days and usually the longer the guarantee the better the conversion.

• Having a picture of yourself or a video greeting also helps credibility. People buy from people, not from businesses. So if you include a picture or a video on your home page it helps people feel comfortable in doing business with a real person.

• When you build your website, make sure that you have control over your website. When you want to make changes to texts or images you want to be able to do it yourself and not be overly dependent on a web designer and having to spend money every time you need these changes made.

Furthermore, having control over your site allows you to do testing. So you can test offers at different prices, move elements around product pages so you can optimize your sales conversion.

Finally …

It’s a good idea to make sure you have the ability to do constant testing to improve your sales conversion.

A good book I would recommend would be Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. It instructs you on how to improve the visitor experience and increase your sales conversion.

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