Website Traffic and Long Tail Keywords

What happens when you generate website traffic with long tail keywords?

By long tail keywords, I mean a keyword phrase that contains 3, 4, 5 or more individual keywords. Those are known as the long tail keywords.

These long tail keywords won’t bring you as much traffic as what you call your top tier keyword phrases (your keyword phrases containing 1 or 2 keywords).

The long tail keywords, typically, have a lower search volume monthly than the top tier keywords. These keywords are words that are more likely to be “buying” keywords.

People who use long tail keywords are much further along the buying path than using general keywords.

General keywords are made up of 1 or 2 words. Typically used by a person just doing research and they’re really not quite sure what they’re looking to buy.

For instance, if you had a person searching for a product, they may just be in research mode.

But if the person has a serial number for a particular product, they know the brand and they put in the particular serial number for that brand or product, they’re definitely more likely to make a purchase.

You’ll also find, over time, that as you add more pages to your website that you’ll be found for more long tail keyword searches. This is because there are much more long tail keywords available for search for any given niche than there are top tier keywords. This is very important for your website traffic.

Is there competition for long tail keywords?

The competitions for those long tail keywords are less, so they’re easier to rank for than the top tier keywords. Google has stated that as much as half of the searches done daily have never been done before and likely will never be done again in the future.

So you’ll find as your site grows, 60-70% of your total traffic volume will be coming from these long tail keywords.

So how do you get the traffic from these long tail keywords? Well, it’s not something you can target. You can target your top tier keywords by putting them in the title bar, meta description and having anchor text coming into your pages containing those top tier keywords.

The long tail keywords you get ranked for, you won’t even realize how you’re being found by those keywords.

The search engine spiders crawl your pages and pick up those long tail keywords. So you don’t have to target those long tail keywords, what you do is write good quality content targeted toward your niche/market.

Another advantage to having long tail search volume coming into your pages is that if one of your top-level keywords happens to drop in the rankings from heavy competition, it won’t affect your website traffic drastically because you’ll still be getting traffic from all of the long tail keywords that’s contained in your content.

How will you know what your long tail keywords are?

So how do you know what those long tail keywords are? Well, you check your Google Analytics weblog and you’ll see what keywords are sending traffic to your pages.

So keep an eye on your long tail keywords in your analytics and they can give you ideas about your market and how to write additional content for your website. This will only help your website traffic.

Once you discover a long tail keyword that’s actually converting into sales for you, you can begin to write content around those long tail keywords. You can also use the ones that convert in your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign.

Typically, when you see a website that has a lot of search volume, you’ll find that they are ranking high for their long tail keywords and ranking on the first page of all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).


These long tail keywords can give you a lot of insight into niches within niches in your particular market.

So pay attention to these long tail keywords and you can get a lot of insight into different segments in your market. You’ll also be able to drive even more traffic to your pages and convert more of your visitors into customers.

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