Being A Work At Home Mom - What Are the Benefits?

What are the benefits of being a work at home mom? Whether you're a woman working from home or a mom who does the same, the rewards can be great!!

What's the difference in being a woman working from home and a work at home mom, you ask? It's simple, not all women working from home are mothers.

The challenges are very similar:

• Managing your time

• Budgeting

• The feeling of isolation

• Not quite knowing what you want to do as a business and if you do know, how do you get started

These are just a few of your concerns I'm sure but how do you work your way through them?

The Beauty Industry, A Great Place To Start for Women Working From Home

Typically, most women will gravitate towards the beauty industry looking for a type of business that they can start on a small scale and grow it from home.

There have always been companies that women could gravitate to and sell products from their homes. The beauty industry has given us great examples, Avon and Mary Kay just to name two of them.

Look at some of the mentors we've had to look up to: Estee Lauder, Annie Malone (She taught Madame C.J. Walker), Madame C.J. Walker, Mary Kay Ash and Naomi Sims. These were all great women helping other women to become very successful.

These women all started in the beauty industry ... skin, hair, perfumes, and body products ... just to name a few. I'll be willing to bet that you've sold or know someone that's sold one of their products. And now you're looking for a product to sell or create that will take you to your financial freedom.

Are You A Work at Home Mom or Woman Working From Home? Things You Might Want to Consider.

Here are a few things to consider before you rush off looking to become the next "Blend Queen" of beauty products or begin to sell any product for that matter:

• How much will it cost you to start your business from home?

• Can it be done using the Internet?

• If you're a mom planning your business from home, how will it affect your home life?

• If you work another job and want to bridge your way out of your current job environment, will you have enough energy, time and money to make it happen?

• How much do you know about running a business?

This list will grow and decrease in size as you grow in the knowledge of how to run your business and become very successful at it.

But until then, you'll have to become one very organized individual.

Here's to Your Success as A Woman Working From Home!!

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